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This fall we will once again be offering a Christmas version of our popular summer camp (Huntington Beach only). Since we can't do a week long camp because of school schedules, we will be holding weekly sessions beginning November 3 through December 8. Sessions will be on Sunday afternoons from 4:30pm - 6:30pm on 11/3, 11/10, 11/17, 11/24, 12/1, with a dress rehearsal on Saturday, December 7 from 1-5PM, and the performance on Sunday, December 8 at 6PM.

Auditions for acting roles and singing solos will be held on Sunday, October 20. Electronic sign-up sheet available. Email info@jampac.org for the link.


JAMPAC Christmas 2019 Musical

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Meet the up-and-coming Persia’s Traveling Band –

or PTB, as their fans call them—who are out on “their biggest tour yet!” with their little “roadie” Abel. Along the way, they meet three Wise Men, who are following a star in search for a King who has just been born. With the possibility of playing for a royal audience, PTB decides to join the Wise Men and make the journey to Bethlehem. After all, what better way for the band to be discovered and rise to the top the charts than playing for a King?

During this fantastic journey, the little dude named Abel, who is sort of a ‘roadie’ for PTB, unveils his passion for playing the drums. While the band does not take his playing seriously, the Wise Men notice his talent and encourage his efforts, knowing that he has a very special gift. One of the Wise Men expresses to Abel that perhaps he might even get to play his drum for the King. Will Abel get his wish??

To learn the outcome—and finally get to meet this King to be born in Bethlehem—you’ll have to come along on the journey with Abel, Persia’s Traveling Band, the three Wise Men, and Abel’s fantastically whacky and fun camel, Hakim! Through The Little Drummer Dude, each and every kid will learn that God can do amazing things through everyone, even if they are “just a little dude.”

We hope you'll join us for JAMPAC: Christmas Edition!

Sessions begin November 3, 2019

Registration is only $60 and begins September 1st

Early registration discount if you register before October 15 ($10 off!)

(Financial Need Scholarships are Available - Click HERE for scholarship application)